An assessment of the Brexit argument

A strange tale of British illusion and fantasy

Fudan School of Business

November 2017

The outsourcing of governance to the market

The steady march of neo-liberalism

Centre for International Economics

No date recorded

The EU global ETS (Emissions Trading System)

The EU taking the lead on climate change

Centre for International Economics

20th November 2019

Corporate governance in a radically changed world

A fresh look at the Rhineland model

Centre for International Economics

5th September 2010

The Judicial Paradox of the Corporation

Annual of International Corporate Law

Hart Publishing


Trade Union Response to Globalization

The global financial crisis (2007) underscores the importance of corporate governance reform

The International Labour Office, Geneva


British industrial development and decline - a perspective

An analysis and assessment of British economic and social decline in the 20th and 21st centuries

Centre for International Economics

February 2019

The role and effectiveness of non-executive directors

Note to Derek Higgs

Centre for International Economics

June 2002

Article on The Looming Corporate Calamity

The pressing case for reform of corporate governance


September 2015

Beyond the Ivory Tower: From Business Aims to Policy Making

Making sense of the disconnect between maximisation of shareholder value and wider societal considerations

Wiley Publishing


Corporate Governance, Shareholder Value and Societal Expectations

Trying to make sense of the aim of maximising shareholder in corporate governance

Emerald Group Publishing


Russia The Enigma

Making sense Russia's Economic and Political Prospects

Centre for International Economics

December 2014

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