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Protecting workers’ rights is the key post-Brexit task

Letter to The Guardian

20 January 2021

Letter to The Guardian

Ed Miliband puts his finger on yet another deeply concealed objective of Tory post-Brexit intent. Becoming free from the reins of the EU nanny state was never far from the sights of rightwing Tory ideologues, who have shaped every aspect of anti-European thinking. He is right to flag the importance of workers’ rights. The wretched gig economy has been a contributing factor in the scale of Covid-19 infections. There is increasing evidence that some of the most economically vulnerable have also found themselves disproportionately exposed to the virus.

A further erosion of workers’ rights will never be reversed without deep cultural changes in the way capitalism operates. Business leaders have to join the debate in creating a progressive, inclusive form of corporate governance – with independent supervision the centrepiece of reform. This is the most important challenge we face.

Leaving the EU and the social market economy of Europe is a step backwards. Boris Johnson’s “levelling up” mantra echoes his absurd assurances that we won’t be sending children back up chimneys on his watch. Don’t be surprised about anything the Tories do in their bid to benefit the few and not the many.

Richard Tudway


The Centre for International Economics

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