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Richard Tudway

Economist, Author, Professor

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Richard Tudway is an economist, author and visiting professor at several leading Universities. 

Richard Tudway is a practising economist. He was trained first at Oxford University. This was followed by post graduate studies at the University of Paris, Henley Business School and the University of London. His professional experience embraces industry, commerce,  government and academia. He started life as an apprentice on the factory floor at Rolls Royce, the brand now owned by BMW. His academic life was first supported by a trade union scholarship to Ruskin College, Oxford and later in Oxford University by a State Scholarship.


He worked for the NEDO (the National Economic Development Office) eventually shut down by Margaret Thatcher and the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) in Paris. In the period since, he has contributed to the debate led by the OECD in defining the Framework of Corporate Governance. 


He also spent time in industry and investment banking. Whilst in investment banking he advised on developments in money markets and capital markets. He then established his own research and advisory business.


He is visiting professor at several international business schools including Fudan Business School,  Chongqing School of Economics and Business Administration , Villanova University School of Business,  Ithaca College, School of Business, Waikato Business School (New Zealand) Richmond College, London and the. RMIT in  Melbourne.


He teaches programmes covering corporate governance and other related topics including CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), corporate finance, international finance and international trade and development. He is currently director of the Centre for International Economics, an advisory firm offering specialist advice on the operation of international financial markets and developments in the global economy.

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Richard Tudway, professor.

The act of teaching has always struck me as the best and most effective way of bringing about reasoned and purposeful change. Researching and writing about these matters is of course vital. Without those activities we will never establish a credible base on which to build understanding which can then deliver change. But teaching in the end is vital. But it must be teaching which reflects also a sound practical understanding of what can and what cannot be realistically achieved.

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